Sally Herships




Sally Herships is a journalist based in New York and director of the audio program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. An award-winning journalist, Sally has been a frequent contributor to American Public Media's Marketplace where she's covered everything from orange juice futures to ISIS' social media strategy to Japan's futuristic toilets. She's written about how to find story ideas for NPR, the art of the pre-interview for Transom and produced or reported for numerous shows and outlets including the BBC, The New York Times, NPR and put in many hours at Radiolab.

Sally founded the popular Radio Boot Camp training program at UnionDocs, hosts the live storytelling night Stories You Can’t Tell on the Radio and teaches writing for the ear at Sarah Lawrence College. Her stress eating food of choice is the crinkle cut potato chip.




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Honors & Awards

2018  Fellowship, Foreign Press Center Japan   

2015  US - Japan Journalism Fellow with the Japan Center for                                               International Exchange.
2011   Third Coast Radio Impact Award, "The Five Percent Rule"  

2011    Best Prepared Report, Front Page Awards, Newswomen's Club of  NY 2011    IRE finalist, "The Five Percent Rule"