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Sally Herships




Sally Herships is an award-winning freelance audio journalist and director of the audio program at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. She is a frequent contributor to the “Indicator"  a daily economics podcast, from NPR's Planet Money Team.  Recently she covered the pandemic and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo for NPR’s National Desk and has also reported for multiple other shows and outlets including the BBC, The New York Times, Morning Edition, All Things Considered, WNYC and Studio 360.

Sally is most proud of her saddest story, As Many Leaves, which was produced with Falling Tree for BBC Radio 4, and rated among the top ten podcasts of the year in 2016. Sally founded the popular Radio Boot Camp training program at UnionDocs, and has written about how to find story ideas for NPR and the art of the pre-interview for Transom. After studying illustration at Parsons School of Design the kind folks at Radiolab took her in and trained her in all things audio for which she is forever grateful. 

Honors & Awards

2021 "The Heist",Excellence in Financial Journalism Awards, Best Audio (Small                 Media), NYSSCPA.
2021 "The Heist
", Best Podcast, North American Digital Media Awards
2021 "The Heist", Best Business Podcast,   The Ambies, the Podcast Academy

2020 "The Heist", Honorable Mention, Best in Business, SABEW, The                                 Association for Business Journalists

2018  Fellowship, Foreign Press Center Japan
2016  "As Many Leaves", named one of the top ten podcasts of the year by               

2015  US - Japan Journalism Fellow with the Japan Center for                                               International Exchange.
2011   Third Coast Radio Impact Award, "The Five Percent Rule"  

2011    Best Prepared Report, Front Page Awards, Newswomen's Club of  NY 2011    IRE finalist, "The Five Percent Rule"  




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